• Image of Celebrate This
  • Image of Celebrate This

Our brand new record about all our favorite holidays. In CD form.
1. Bubble Wrap Rap (Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day)
2. Toast (World Toast Day)
3. Shamrock Shake (St. Paddy's)
4. Bread/Cheese/Bread (Grilled Cheese Day)
5. Cool Moms (Mothers Day)
6. Dad Jokes (Fathers Day)
7. Double Scoop (Ice Cream Day)
8. Puppy ft. Ali Fisch (National Dog Day)
9. Local Bowling League (International Bowling Alley Day)
10. Monster Moves (Halloween)
11. Gobble Gobble Turkey Wobble (Thanksgiving)
12. Leftovers ft. Slug (National Leftover day)
13. Please Come To Our Christmas Party (Christmas)

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